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Relationships and Sex

Duration: 10 minutes
Core Target Ages: 14 to 19

The Relationships and Sex DVD is the perfect accompaniment for delivering lessons dealing with sexual health and relationships targeted at teenagers in secondary education and informal settings. It covers everything from the importance of making choices about sex and relationships, whether heterosexual or gay, as well as all the health implications and support available. The film is a frank and comprehensive summary of all aspects relating to the subject, delivered in an accessible way.

Jack and Lily are in a relationship and about to embark on their first sexual experiences; can they make the right choices for themselves? Lily thinks she may be pregnant; what can she do? Paul is seeing Sean; how do they know if they’re ready for a sexual relationship? Follow the lives of Jack, Lily and their friends to learn about the choices and help available for young people as they find their way through the subject of Relationships and Sex.

The animation was designed to appeal to the target age, and the illustration was tested and chosen using a focus group of teenagers. The course is used widely in schools by the Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator for Birmingham East and North PCT.

Relationships and Sex is an entertaining film for young people, written and animated by the award-winning and BAFTA nominated The Brothers McLeod and produced by young peoples’ media charity, Hi8us.

Keywords: sexual health, sex education, relationships, sex, contraception.